Jodie Simone

Yoga Teacher
Jodie Simone

Jodie shares Yin, Hatha and Yin & Yang style practices.

Her vibrant and exuberant teaching style endeavours to evoke self-enquiry, curiosity and playfulness. She encourages students to share her passion to be experimental, with a focus on health, wellbeing and self-awareness. Each practice seeks to create balance, light heartedness and freedom.

Her intention of sharing practice is to create a safe space to give, receive and feel together. Feel into our own creation, wisdom and integrate knowledge, perspectives and concepts on the connection between the body, the mind and energy.

Jodie believes and advocates you are your own teacher. She encourages the practice to be yours, for you and to open space to explore yourself.

We are continually learning, and Jodie’s belief is that every class is a perfect opportunity to learn from ourselves and others, to experiment and be playful, and to share space and time inviting connection and healing.