Suzie Tuddenham

Yoga Teacher
Suzie Tuddenham

Suzie began practicing yoga and instantly recognised the numerous healing
benefits yoga has to offer. Suzie has dedicated herself to practicing yoga,
studying and incorporating its philosophy into her life since discovering its joys
and benefits in her twenties. Yoga has helped her learn presence, patience,
compassion, to breathe, body awareness, and self-love.

A lifelong learner with a diploma in aesthetics, certificates in Reiki,
Aromatherapy, Metaphysics, Education Support (special needs), Achper
Fitness Leadership and 350-hour yoga studies teacher certification. It wasn’t
until completing her 400hour Functional Hatha Yoga Teacher training studying
with Mysan Sibdo, that she recognised the benefits associated with teaching
yoga using functional movement as her guide.
Suzie has continued to be a diligent student with continuing to deepen her
yoga practice with the Yin Yoga teacher training at The Sanctuary with

Endeavouring to provide her students with classes grounded in mindfulness,
strength and functional anatomy. For her students to find balance, mentally,
physically, and spiritually, creating a safe, non-competitive space to take their
discoveries from their yoga practice into their daily lives through intentional
living and develop greater self-awareness. Suzie feels honoured to teach yoga,
helping to bring balance, awareness, health, and happiness into other lives.

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