Tasha Samuels

Yoga Teacher
Tasha Samuels
Tasha loves yoga and the outdoors. She has had the privilege of studying with some amazing teachers who have helped refine her practice and experience.
She teaches Hatha here at The Sanctuary! Her teaching style encapsulates a body mind approach to movement with a focus on how each organ, cell, tissue in the body has its own quality of mind and movement. She believes that when you allow your mind to rest there you can change the quality of your mind and movement in a wholistic sense.
In addition to her training, Tasha has trained with some more classical teachers of yoga who incorporate mantra and breath work and explore the science of the practice. Her love of yoga has opened many doors and she has experienced some beautiful qi gong teachers and others who incorporate movement in their practice.
“What ends up coming through in my classes is a combination of my experiences and myself”.
She’s passionate about the outdoors and adventures such as cliff faces, the ocean and canyons, which has inspired her to work as outdoor guide in addition to yoga facilitation.
“What I have come to realise is that great healing comes from connection. To yourself. To your community and other people. And to nature. When I realised this, it has made the choices in my life a little easier. My desire is to facilitate these genuine connections”.