Soul Vibing – a transformational journey of sound

Yoga has, from ancient times, been about seeking.

Seeking something bigger, more, deeper, out of, inside of us, surrounding us,  filling us up. A bigger picture. More then our bodily feelings, sensations and awarenesses. And we do, as we practice, often feel something big. Yoga and movement changes us on the deep, in to our inner most cell, it sooths our emotional state, our minds calm and change in to a different focus.

We are all different and as we seek, I do encourage you to try different methods to ‘find’ your way. May it be different types of yoga,meditation or breathing. May it be to mindfully live with truth, with compassion. May it be to start to listen and feel more.

On the 4th of November we will have a chance to change (‘feel’ and seek) in a different way – by sound vibrations from different instruments that are played to vibrate our many inner energies and our Beings.

Soul Vibing is a shamanic process held by Matt that includes ritual, breath work and live sound immersion with didgeridoo, gongs, crystal bowls and Tibetan bells.

The healing power of sound bridges cultures, traditions, and religions. This journey is designed to release stress, quiet the mind, dissolve limiting beliefs, inspire change, encourage self-expression, open the heart, and give you a tangible experience of the expanded nature of yourself like never before. It is not something that can be easily described, but you will be impacted by the experience in powerful, positive ways.

Join Master Sound Healer and visionary Matt Omo (aka the Gong Guru) for a journey at The Sanctuary on the 4th November 2016.

Book now, spaces are limited and will fill up quickly. For bookings head to our Workshops and Events page.

Time: 7-8.30pm

Date: 4 November 2016

Where: The Sanctuary, Unit 4, 11-13 Cochrone St in Kincumber, Central Coast

Cost: $40

Bring: A bottle of water

Head to our Workshop &Events page to book 🙂

See you in an ocean of sound lovely Beings.



Matt Omo Flyer Nov 2016