Tim MacDonald

Yoga Teacher
Tim MacDonald

Tim has for over ten years practiced yoga and with a background as a black belt in Karate his focus and discipline is strong in his practice. He practices Hatha, Yin and Yang yoga as well as meditation.

At university Tim studied psychology (among other subjects) and has backed that up with plenty of self-development courses to understand our Human ways with all the up’s and down’s, the goodness and the madness that it involves.

He has also deeply studied yoga philosophy from the ancient yogis and their texts. Ancient yogis that have inspired Tim are Yogananda Parmahansa and Sri Yukteswar as well as Patanjali. The Yoga philosophy teachings are very much a practice that Tim lives from.

There was a time in Tim’s life when he felt broken. Broken on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Explloring ways to mend his life, after many dead ends, Tim stepped through the yoga door and that door is still wide open, constanlty leading to the opening of new doors. He found truth, simplicity, ease, nurturing, lightness, healing and health. In all a better way of experiancing life, living life. His yoga practice is continous and Tim is studing Yin yoga, Hatha yoga and yoga philosophy.

Tim sees the magic in everyone and wants to help people shed the superficial dramas, tensions and hearthaces to live fully.

His asana practice is about physically finding strengh with relaxation. Stability with mobility. Balance from the inside out. Sthira sukam Asanam, and that crosses over to all aspects of his life and this is what Tim loves to share that with others.

Tim has completed his Yin Yoga Teacher training and anatomy teacher training with Mysan Sidbo and is currently further studying Hatha yoga teacher trainings to establish a fuller awareness of yoga and yoga asana.

Tim is teaching Yin yoga and Hatha yoga and thrives in giving support and a helping hand to his students and our community. His passion for yoga has blossomed through his own practice where he has experianced and gained freedom and increased life value on a physical level, energetic level and on a hearfelt level.His teaches from his heart, with lightness and joy and laughter comes easy in Tim’s classes.

Both Mysan and Tim are all about living their yoga, both on the yoga mat and into the world of everyday life.