Autumn Energy Yoga Mindfulness – how to vibe this season

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Associated organs to autumn is lungs and large intestine.

The lungs obviously get us breathing – they control respiration. However, in the Chinese system, they are also associated with governing chi (energy), disseminating and regulating water in the body, and controlling skin and body hair. They are also connected to the nose.

The large intestine’s job is to remove water and any remaining absorbable nutrients from the food as it passes through, before sending the indigestible matter to the rectum. As a matter of interest, the full digestion of our food can take about 16 hours from start to finish! The large intestine also absorbs vitamins that are created by the colonic bacteria, such as vitamin K, vitamin B12, thiamine and riboflavin.

When these organs and their energy systems are functioning well we have an ability to let go and move forward; when they’re not there’s a sense of grief or depression. You may see a connection here between these emotional qualities and the organ functions!

Yoga for the autumn should therefore focus on where these meridian lines are running (shoulder, down front arm and into thumb and hand – chest and the locations of the organs) as well as mentally releasing and letting go on all levels. Shaking movements very helpful for this. Since the lungs are involved, a focus on breath-work would also be good.

Our yoga practice provided these meridian lines and organs to be nurtured and moved. We will for the next few weeks practice with mindfulness towards these energy lines and the shift of autumn vibes in our practices at The Sanctuary.